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I love to be different like you

I love to be different like many girls do.When I visit MIASNOW I can say that Im a lucky girlbecause I can find options of gorgeous skins to wear.All options are really special because they are unique.

MiaSnow`s work is totally different from other stores.I don’t mean that other creators are not so cool too but I still didn’t see anything like MIASNOW store.

She has an unique style because she mixes many colours on her skins.

(The teeth prim is from PORCUPINE LOVE)

OH…Gorgeous makeupsLIKE THESE are the best options to girls like us!


Have a good time

This is a great time to take a walk around SL.

If you wanna keep your mind away you just need to take a walk.I do the same thing in RL.

The best part of this is when u find good stores.I was very lucky because I found another store selling gorgeous skins.

Some stores are special like &Bean.I love all creations because all stuff  has a high quality.

Look at this skin.I really like the smeared makeup.Nevertheless, this skin still looks pretty because the face is totally gorgeous.The kind of nose fits well on my new body shape.


PORCUPINE LOVE did an amazing work!!!!!

They are selling this cute teeth like prim to be worn with your favorite skin.

You can choose any skin and it will work perfectly!Don’t you think it`s amazing?I love it!


I really love skins and these ones are pretty!

Mochi Milena is a great creator.She has style and much bright.As you can see I made a body shape and it fit really well with her skin.

Georgia body shape can be found at my store( I CE COCO ).These body shapes are being sold in a pack including a cute skin.

The first skin is being sold by 15 lindens.You can try  your look too and get it faster.

These are all Mochi Milena makeups.I felt in love with her work.

Please take a look at these skins.You can find many options to Ember makeup.The eyebrows can be found in light,dark or red colour.All skin can be found too with and without freckles.

If you love red cheeks you will love this skin because Mochi created it too to us.

Another makeups from Pink Fuel

Please take a look around and visit Pink Fuel today!



Don’t u like it?I love skins!

This is Georgia and I made some shapes that are being sold too.The first one is FREE if you have lucky.

If you visit my store you will find LUCKY BOARDS now.You can try to get Georgia keeping your eyes at board.

If you dont wanna do that  you can buy Georgia for 15 lindens.

So go to ::: I CE COCO ::: right now!

::: I CE COCO ::: Blanche – 1 LINDEN

I`d like to invite you to know BLANCHE – my last creation.The first skin costs 1 LINDEN and you can find it at my store.

FISHNET SOCKINGS: *blowpop* Fishnets Tights w/Panty -Black ( BLOWPOP )

EAR PRIMS: AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ears – Human – 1/2″ (w/HUD) – ( AITUI )

SHORT: Emery – Short Animal #Black ( EMERY)

TANK – Emery – Tank B&B #Gray( EMERY)


HAIR: fri. – Scarlett – Blonds ( FRI.DAY)

SHOES: Maitreya Neyya * Toe-cap Tan ( MAITREYA )

SKIN : ::: I CE COCO ::: Blanche : 1 ( I CE COCO )

::: I CE COCO ::: Margot

My last skin released was Margot.Look at this face.Don`t you like her?

Margot is a younger girl and looks gorgeous.

I had create much styles of makeups to her but I decided to release just the simplest makeup.

I didn`t aply on her eyelids much colors.I decided to create Margot as a little girl who doesn`t need much trickys to looks cool.

The lips are really better than others and I put on them much colors.The nose are delicate and has much charm.I love it!!!!

As you know I love makeup cheecks and I have applied it on Margot skin.Well if you buy this skin you`ll get 2 different versions.(a skin with and without makeup at cheecks)

If you love cute skins please visit  ::: I CE COCO::: today,please.


Oh hello again!

I`m so sorry for keep myself away but I was really busy at rl.

Well let`s talk about news…OMG AM I TALKING ABOUT CUTE SKINS AGAIN? haha 🙂

A few days ago I knew a cool store called Mynerva and I found been sold by Rhapzody Wilde.

THIS one is Aona and these are her makeups. The natural glow of skin and the girl face always fit well. My favorite skin are the most natural ones because they really fit better on me.

What you think about this gorgeous body shape?This one is really cute and it`s one of my favorite body shapes.

OH …  If you like chubby bodies I`m sure that you`ll love it as I do!!!!

PLEASE VISIT MYNERVA Today and take a look there.